Heritage Grant Applications

Heritage Grant Applications

On 23 May 2016, the Western Australian Heritage Minster Albert Jacob announced that the Heritage Council of Western Australia – State Heritage Office has re-opened the grants program for private building owners of State registered heritage places.

Heritage building owners can now apply for heritage grants of up to $100,000 the cost of urgent conservation building work for their registered heritage properties.

The Heritage Minster has identified $1.273 million is available during the next financial year as part of the 2016-17 Heritage Grants Program.  If you are a heritage building owner or intend to purchase a registered heritage place – these allocated funds can assist in conserving and revitalising your property.

The heritage grants program, which is administered by the Heritage Council of Western Australia – State Heritage Office, offers heritage building owners with dollar-for-dollar funding for building works assessed to be urgent conservation works or architectural documentation for planned future works.

Threadgold Architecture is currently working with the heritage building owner in the heritage grant to conserve Villa Carlotta at 110 Adelaide Terrace, Busselton as part of the 2015-16 Heritage Grants Program which is one of the 16 regional projects in the allocated $1.273 million grants during the 2015-16 Heritage Grants Program.  Last year the heritage grants program generated $2.72 million in conservation building works across Western Australia.

As the State Heritage Office will only receive heritage grant applications from Western Australian registered architects, our practice offers assistance for heritage grants applications for any heritage building owner of intend to purchase a registered heritage place.

If the Liberal Government is encouraging heritage building owners to invest in the preservation and enhancement of their buildings – the time to secure your heritage grant funding is now.  Last year, heritage grants included assistance to refurbish the Great Southern Roller Flour Mill with the iconic Dingo Flour sign purportedly painted by Alan Bond and the restoration and change of use of the landmark Newmarket Hotel, Hamilton Hill.

The Heritage Minster identified that demand for heritage grants is consistently high, so we encourage private owners to contact Threadgold Architecture now to allow sufficient time for the completion grant applications prior to the closing of the Heritage Grants Program at 4pm on Friday, July 29, 2016.

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