Threadgold Architecture wins Silver A’ Design Award

Threadgold Architecture wins Silver A’ Design Award

A’ International Design Award and Competition has announced, via DESIGNPRWIRE (Como, Italy), that the Yallingup Eco House by Threadgold Architecture has been granted a Silver A’ Design Award in Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category.

The sustainable project Yallingup Eco House by Architect: Stuart Threadgold and Structural Engineers Scott Smalley Partnership has won the coveted Silver A’ Design Award in Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category selected as a winner by the esteemed referees of the A’ Design Awards & Competition among a significant number of nominated works.

The Yallingup Eco House was conceived by Architect: Stuart Threadgold and Structural Engineers, Scott Smalley PartnershipStuart Threadgold, the Architect who conceived the winning work Yallingup Eco House explains, “The energy efficient eco house for young family on 120 acre Yallingup property epitomises their ideals to live sustainably and off-grid.  The house was sited in elevated position to capture views, cooling breezes and ensure a large northern glazing for radiant heat gain is not compromised by shading – the roof can harvest rainwater with a storage capacity of 550,000 Litres.  The house boasts a 5.5 kilowatt photovoltaic system which is discretely hidden behind an anthra zinc parapet single lock standing seam cladding.  With power and water self-sufficiency; the house also incorporates passive solar design principles to improve energy efficiency and is surrounded by citrus, nut and pomme fruit orchards which are sited around the house to permaculture principles as part of the design brief.”  Refer to the Threadgold Architecture projects page for a more detailed design explanation.

Silver A’ Design Award

The Silver A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 5% percentile designs that has achieved an exemplary level of quality in design.  The entries to the design awards are peer reviewed and anonymously judged by a grand jury panel of prominent academics, experienced professional designers and important press members.  The sustainable product designs are selected on pre-determined evaluation criteria and voting system to highlight cutting edge sustainable design.  In addition to reaching top international media, A’ Sustainable Product Design Award winners are listed at World Design Rankings with domain: and Design Classification with domain: designclassifications.comA’ Design Award winners are also showcased at Design Magazine at which lists the best designs from all countries across design disciplines.

A’ Sustainable Product Design Award aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best sustainable product designs and greatest sustainable product design concepts worldwide.  The ultimate aim of the design competition is to create a global awareness for good design with the international award accolades being organized and awarded annually in multiple categories – to reach a wide, design focused audience.

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