Architecture Practice

Architecture Practice


Threadgold Architecture is an ideas driven Dallas Fort Worth architecture practice originally established in 2008, esteeming innovative architecture to enrich daily life. The Dallas Fort Worth architecture practice draws inspiration from the site, climate, context, environment, landscape, light and topography – always seeking to design a contextually appropriate, unique and well considered building for the each individual site to elevate the clients’ and occupants’ experience of a space.

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The architecture practice delights in design solutions which express the context and aspirations of the client.  We recognize the responsibility to the client and occupants who will ultimately inhabit the space after practical completion.  The Dallas Fort Worth architecture practice has a commitment to take on projects of differing scales, budgets and programs. We value competent design and architectural details that transcend all projects.  The architecture practice values ideas that challenge existing established conventions.  The practice enthusiastically embraces sustainable design principles to achieve a better way and more responsible way of connecting individuals, families and communities.  Every Threadgold Architecture project has a distinct identity while satisfying the client’s brief.  We understand spatially distinct buildings and architectural excellence require bold and passionate patrons as an inception point.


Threadgold Architecture values the entire architectural process from concept to practical completion as construction is a culmination of the client’s dreams and aspirations. The Dallas Fort Worth architecture practice administers all aspects of the construction contract. Construction projects require a thorough assessment of progress claims through regular site visits, architect’s instructions, contract variations, extensions of time and liquidated damages. The Dallas Fort Worth architecture practice understands the importance of the relationship with the builder.  A positive relationship with the builder ensures the correct and coherent implementation of the construction project from the architectural drawings.  The practice maintains direct contact with the builder/supervisor throughout the program. Construction is an exciting stage of the architectural process that requires an architecture practice with attention to detail to create sensory and memorable buildings with well considered spatial qualities.



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