solar energy systems

solar energy systems


solar energy systems

Building or sub-divisions combined with solar energy systems deliver fixed priced electricity when it counts during peak demand.  Peak demand periods are when electricity from coal or gas is the most expensive.  Developers can also combine solar energy systems into building or sub-divisions.

Battery storage permits power resiliency and capacity to hedge power into the electricity market.  Solar energy systems are consistently endorsed by US power utility providers.  Solar microgrids have low maintenance costs compared to other renewable energy installation.

The United States (‘US’) congress has now passed legislation allocating significant grant and loan funds to solar energy projects. US Department of Energy manages these industry fund allocations.  Threadgold Architecture + Construction LLC maintains professional relationships with sub-consultants, grant writers and grant administrators.  These grant programs can significantly reduce the capital stack for solar energy systems investors.  The solar microgrid construction phase is Superintended by Licensed Architect Threadgold Architecture + Construction LLC using traditional design and bid procurement.

Threadgold Architecture + Construction LLC designs and sizes solar energy systems in land sub-divisions and buildings utilizing patented solar industry software to determine daily power generation and financial data for clients to make informed decisions.  Threadgold Architecture + Construction LLC also identifies potential sites with proprietary software during the project feasibility stage to identify possible tax benefits.

Our solar energy systems typically utilize US manufactured photovoltaic panels which carries a further tax benefit to investors.  Income streams may include; Power Purchase Agreement (‘PPA’) or Feed-in-Tariff (‘FIT’) at Locational Market Price (‘LMP’), Carbon Offsets, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (‘SRECS’) and Income Tax Credits (‘ITCs’).

Unlike Australia, the US government hasn’t currently formalized SREC trading but privatized platforms can be utilized for trading in the US.  Investors may also appropriate income by power hedging by linking battery storage with the solar energy system.  Power hedging is achieved by importing power into the lithium battery storage during off peak times and then feeding into the grid at peak demand.  Investors may then capitalize on daily fluctuations in the LMP.

The US comprises of regulated and deregulated electricity markets so PPA’s are typically negotiated on various factors.  Attributes effecting PPA’s include: proximity to markets, location, cost of electricity generation and any mains grid upgrades.  I comparison to the California market, the Texas ERCOT grid is not saturated with solar microgrids.  Threadgold Architecture + Construction LLC liaises with investors, utilizing patented software and professional relationships, to determine the best locations for photovoltaic systems to generate positive cash flow.



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