Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Builders


Custom Home Builders

Upon completion of the custom home design and architectural working drawings which form the tender documentation for the building tender process, all custom home builders will be selected by the client through a variety of building partnerships. Threadgold Architecture, on behalf of and approved by the client, invites a number of custom home builders who are interested in costing the custom home design.


All custom home builders receive an identical set of tender documentation and submit a tender price after a nominal four (4) week tender period. The custom home builders shall submit a lump sum price based on the same project parameters, such as; building contract, construction programme, liquidated damages and an identical scope of work as identified in the tender documentation. Following the custom home design tender process, Threadgold Architecture provides a tender analysis to the client for the custom home builders submissions, which can yield significant cost savings for discerning clients. The tender documentation then forms the contract documents along with any addenda issued through the tender period.


Custom Home Builders – Partnerships

Threadgold Architecture partnerships with a variety of custom home builders, throughout the custom home design tender process, including:

Custom Home Builders – Selection

Following the tender closing date and completion of tender analysis, the client has the privilege of choosing the custom home builder based on the lump sum tender price submitted by each tenderer. Lump Sum Building Contracts (not cost-plus contracts) are drawn up and signed with working drawings, specifications and any addenda issued to all the tenderers during the tender period. Should the client desire a full architectural service, Threadgold Architecture can superintend the contract throughout the construction programme, issuing Contract Variations, Extensions of Time and Contract Sum Adjustments should there be valid changes to the scope of building work.



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