ancillary dwelling plans


ancillary dwelling plans
passive solar design
753 square feet/70 square meters gross floor area
452 square feet/42 square meter alfresco
1 bedroom
1 bathroom


These contemporary ancillary dwelling plans open up to deliver 112 square meters of indoor-outdoor living space. The open-plan kitchen, dining, living, laundry and bedroom, comprise the 70 square meters of gross floor area, with an additional alfresco of 42 square meters. The ancillary dwelling plans provide a terrace sun-drenched external area which is ideally suited for extended family or an artist in residence. The size of the ancillary dwelling plans harmonize with local authority planning schemes that provide planning policy for ancillary dwellings. The raking ceilings of the ancillary dwelling plans conform to passive solar design principles and augment solar heat gain during the cooler winter months when correctly orientated onsite.

The ancillary dwelling plans incorporate sustainability and energy-efficient design principles to maximise passive solar design principles by catching the winter heat gain when the sun is at lower azimuth and storage in the dwelling’s thermal mass. The reinforced concrete slab that operates as the heat sink for release of the radiant heat energy through the cooler evening hours. The ancillary dwelling plans fenestration integrate calculated sun shading to eliminate the worst of the summer heat gain while highlight windows expunge stale hot air using ‘stack effect’ ventilation principles.