acreage house plans


award winning open plan solar passive design
indoor outdoor living
3 multi faceted living spaces
4305 gross square feet/400 gross square meters ground and first floors
2282 square feet/212 square meters alfresco and terrace
7 bedrooms
1022 gross square feet/95 gross square meters 4 bay garage



These architect designed acreage house plans deliver an award winning solar passive design across two building storeys. The acreage house plans create three independent living spaces and seven bedrooms across 4306 gross square feet/400 gross square meters (not including external terrace and alfresco areas). The acreage house plans deliver a stable ambient air temperature across all seasons with little need for artificial heating via the Chazelles wood fuel firebox; that also provides boosts the 440 litre solar hot water unit during the cooler winter months. The single lap standing seam pararpets to the bedroom wing of the acreage house plans discretely hide an optional 5.5kw photo voltaic array to reduce energy consumption.

The architectural design achieves solar passive design principles through a generous allocation of north orientated glazing. The design results in deep penetration of the lower azimuth winter sun for heat gain over the cooler winter months and exclude summer sun from the fenestration with generous skillion eaves. The highlight glass louvres create stack effect ventilation throughout the living areas to contribute to internal ambient air temperature during the hotter summer months – excluding the need for air conditioning in the solar passive design.

The acreage house plans feature operable Breezeway glass louvres to the underside of roof eaves on the northern elevation, generate cross ventilation for hot summer months for the cooling of the kitchen, living and dining areas. The acreage house plans boast direct sunlight spilling across the open plan kitchen/living/dining polished concrete floor during the cooler winter months, and thereby capturing the solar radiant heat from the direct sunlight during the daylight hours and releasing that heat from the building’s thermal mass throughout winter evenings. Incorporating operable windows and louvres to the living areas of the acreage house plans maximises the solar heat gain of the solar passive design during winter.