Product Review – Maximum Australia

Product Review – Maximum Australia

With the majority of the built environment occupying the coastal fringe in Australia, it is little wonder that Australian’s have embraced open place living so readily as the absence of internal doors and walls enables the building fabric to cool down by capturing the sea breeze (In Perth the sea breeze is colloquially called the ‘Fremantle Doctor‘.).

The directing of the sea breeze through the living areas of the house allows the cooling of the living areas by cross-ventilation and has been a design requirement in new buildings since the inclusion of energy efficiency in the Building Code of Australia 2006. Open plan layouts result in larger floor areas, which in turn dictates decisions of floor finish.

The Maximum Australia porcelain panels are the ideal floor finish for open planned designs and expansive floor areas with a format size of 6x1500x3000mm, 6x1000x3000mm or six other permutations of the overall dimensions down to 375x750mm. The seven ranges of Maximum Australia offer 30 different patterns and colours which are Italian made, offer a product for any building budget with a supply price ranging from $135/sqm to $600/sqm as at March 2016. The porcelain panels have a great deal of versatility; being used as a floor finish, cabinetwork benchtops, internal wall finishes of external wall cladding. Arte Domus is currently the sole distributor of Maximum Australia for the Western Australian construction market.

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