Commercial Shopping Centre Aldi Approval in Busselton Imminent

Commercial Shopping Centre Aldi Approval in Busselton Imminent

The City of Busselton’s recent dismissal of the proposed commercial development of an Aldi Supermarket left most Busselton residents scratching their heads again.

Facebook social media pages (Busselton Community Postings and Busselton Community Watch) were scathing after news of the council’s 10 February 2016 decision broke.  The City of Busselton did not assist chances of a successful appeal at State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) with the approval of Kmart at the same west street location.  Erceg Management (, representing Aldi Australia, should be very confident of an appeal win at the SAT based on precedent alone (i.e. the Kmart approval) and demonstrated their confidence by engaging Busselton Civil and Plant (BCP) to carry out bore samples of the foundation, the very next week, to determine the depth of material to removed from site and the tonnage of clean compacted fill required to be hauled to site at the commencement of construction.

It is interesting to note that Erceg Management chose to take the decision out of the hands of the City of Busselton and direct their appeal rights to the state government level at SAT rather than request Councillors to reconsider their decision – this will assure expeditious timeframe for the planning appeal.  Busselton residents can rest assured; cheaper grocery shopping is just around the corner with the commercial shopping giant Aldi assured an appeal win at SAT.

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